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So the 6:30am start saw enough time to finish the coco pops off, get a taxi to the metro cruise to the bus stop and buy the last two tickets for the 9am bus, it was our destiny. Bus was pretty swanky, aircon, seats for American sized people and best of all no Hindi music! Booked return tickets and ferry tickets and had lunch. Finally invested in a watch to keep Victorias anger levels lower. What’s the time Victoria? “ITS 5MINUTES LATER THAN THE LAST TIME YOU ASKED! Aaaaaahhhhhh I kill you!” ferry was fun. Water like glass and we raced across it. Arrived on our desert island with crystal clear water. Rented a beach hut on the White sandy beach (tarantula comes as standard) for £6. Its low season as well so pretty much have our own beach. Took a swim with our brand new HD waterproof camera and watched the sun go down over the glassy water. Had dinner and collapsed. Think this blog post wins the ‘most cliche’ award, but then so does this island of paradise!

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