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To Go Or Not To Go?

So 6am came round fast. Shower and some passable breakfast before the 1hour boat ride back. Said bye to Mal and Belinda, woke the people in our guest house up to get our big bags back and caught a bus to the main bus terminal. 6hours on the bus done. Watched the beginning of ‘Rambo’, ‘8Hours’ and the opening credits of ‘Street Fighter’ twice before they all cut out. Jeremys brain is now very confused it’s like one really crazy incomplete story. The man sitting in front of us was sick just to top it all off. Shared a taxi into town with a couple of girls and dumped our bags in the dorm. Then we had to deal with a great question. To go or not to go? The Philippines has just been hit by a typhoon killing some and flooding a lot of places and our flight is tomorrow. Hmm did a lot of research and talked to the rents and decided that it was probably ok. Wish us luck.

  1. Matthew Pack (Reply) on Sunday-1, 2009

    good luck bung bung – if it gets really bad you may have to learn spelling for typhoon!

  2. Ian Bray (Reply) on Monday-2, 2009

    Go big or go home captin JJ!

  3. Ian Bray (Reply) on Tuesday-3, 2009

    Its Graduation week at Bournemouth! I have mine tomorrow, i think it is played out live on the internet so on friday you could watch your own graduation take place! haha.

    I will have a drink for you both in Buffalo and 60billion, no more or no less. I am going down tomorrow morning and staying with Bo until Saturday, which happens to be another Block Party! So this will offically be the last time i can live like a student! rubbish ahh?

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