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More noodles in fish paste for breakfast then boarded Labuan-bound ferry. At Labuan had more noodles and bought duty free beer (£1.80 for 6 tiger beers=happy jeremy and cadburys chocolate=happy victoria). Whilst waiting for next ferry to limbang noticed a very large snake swimming in the harbour. Also realised it had legs. And teeth. So process of elimination led us to believe it was a crocodile. It dived deeper before we had a chance to take a photo.

Feeling slighty more nervous we boarded the next ferry, watched some horrendous karaoke and ‘paycheck’ and talked to a girl who lives in Japan who gave us some tips on cheap(er) skiing. Found a bargain hotel with ac, hot water and even a fridge to put our duty free beers in. Only downside was the family of ants we had to share our bed with.

We went out to find more noodles and ended up at an overpriced restaurant so shared 1 meal and decided to try some of the snacks they were BBQing on the street. For RM1 we could hav the big chicken skewers or the little chicken skewers. Jeremy being jeremy ordered the big ones (Victorias spidey sense was kicking in). As we munched the first chunk Victoria realised she could poke her Tongue through a grisly hole in the centre of each chicken peice. She also wondered why the ‘meat’ was so cartilidgey! Spidey sense went into overdrive and she spat hers out. But didn’t tell Jeremy that she thought we were eating chicken neck until he had swallowed. We swiftly fed the remains to the cats and returned to our ant nest feeling queezy. no wonder it was the same price as the small pieces of (real) chicken. We later discovered it wasn’t chicken neck after all. It was chicken spine. Brilliant.

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