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Turtle Time

‘Jeremy I feel sick’ is how the day began.

Not sure if it was because we were hung over or if the waitress’s English couldn’t quite manage but it took us a while to get plain toast. Sat on the jetty with Mal and Belinda discussing how great it was all to be getting the same ‘chunder’ boat together. Made it to turtle island with stomach contents intact were we had a briefing that was everything but brief. The Russian family had the right idea and declared that they didn’t care about the briefing and left to go snorkeling. So I’ll let you go now….. Because it’s almost 11 o’clock….. And you’ll want to get snorkeling…… And i don’t want to waste your time…. Remember you can….. ok pal we got it.

Went down to the beach and swam. Victoria determined not to admit she’s destined to be a pasty Ginger forever attempted to catch some rays. Lunch saw her turn a lovely crisp red and admit defeat.

Chilled out in the afternoon, played cards and walked around the entire island. Then went to the VCD room to watch an awfully interesting film about sea turtles. We sat with Mal and Belinda for dinner and let the un-PC conversation flow. Think we insulted just about everyone on turtle island. From the Mc Nerds to Full fat coke.

Then the waiting started. 4 hours we waited for someone to announce it was ‘turtle time’. Just when we were appreciating how we couldn’t think of a better group of people to spend our turtle time with, the ranger came in and uttered the fabled words. The keenos made a bolt for the door determined to have turtle time before anyone else.

The mother turtle was 120 odd cm long and just under 90cm wide, which was actually quite impressive. Laid 84 eggs. But the most exciting part was to come: we were given the chance to see an empty hole in the hatchery for a ridiculously long amount of time. We dos, however, see a bunch of baby turtles be released back into the wild. It was cool to pick up the tiny turtles, putting them straight when they were scampering left right and center. 12:30 now. Night.

Ps no photos because battery ran out :-(

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