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So after the first days treking with blisters taking over Jeremys feet and distinct hunger pains we set off again, the video tells the story.

We finally arrived at the longboat after 3 and a half hours walking. Don’t think we have ever been so happy. Sped down river coming to terms with what we had just put ourselves through (in pain, but alive). Staggered to our dorm, then hobbled on to finally get some food! Woo hoo. When we had showered and collected ourselves we decided it would be suicidal to do that trek again so headed to the airport to book a flight out in a couple of days. We were informed that it’s much cheaper to book online and that the posh Royal Mulu Resort (10x more expensive then our room!) has satellite internet. At the posh resort (complete with swimming pool-a rarety in malaysia, let alone in the middle of the jungle) we paid a hefty sum to use the Internet but saw a sign saying ‘beers 3Rm’. Sweet, cheapest price in mulu! We were quietly told by a starch-shirted waiter that it was 3Rm to BYO. 18Rm for a beer. Ah.

Shuffled away like the dirty backpackers we are and got the shuttle (a man and his car) back to the park. After our pretty intense trek we couldn’t help but ask the man how he got his car to mulu as there are obviously no roads. Very casually he replied: “well, I bought it in miri and drove it as far as I could until I got to the river where I built a ferry to float it across”.

“Woah! Backtrack! You built your own ferry to float your new car across!”

“well yeh, the only other option is to get helicopter to fly it in and that costs a ridiculous amount Rm4000″

I think I would fork out the extra £700, but then I’m not sure how good my boat making skills are.

Crashed into bed in dorm by 9pm.

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