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Woah black betty Sandakan

More free toast for breakfast (noodle monster had noodle soup) at the hostel then off to find bus to inanam. Many taxi drivers insisted that there were no buses until 10am, one even pointed at his very bling fake tag heuer to demonstrate that it was “not even 9 o’clock-you have long wait”. This may have been more convincing if his watch wasn’t permanently stuck at 4:05.

Brief taxi ride took us to the bus for Sandakan. 6 hrs passed relatively slowly due to the subzero conditions caused by the ac, the insistent shit movies (g.i joe, b13 etc), the smell of piss coming from the toilet and the uncomfortable seats. Still, we remembered traveling in India and swiftly snuggled down.

Found cheap dorm and had food, quick walk then beer. Jeremy had an interesting conversation with a drunk Malaysian man. Well it may have been more interesting if jeremy had any idea what the hell this crazy man was talking about. Tried desperately hard not to laugh in his face as he tried to understand what was meant by (what sounded like) ‘one horse race’ and ‘tattoo’. When there was a pause jeremy felt the need to tell him that he was from England, just in case this wasn’t clear but also because he was pretty sure that a question had been asked. The Malaysian looked drunk and confused. Time to go.

Went back to our all-girl dorm (jeremy fitting in nicely) and continued to edit videos/read violent crime books (3 guesses who did what).

P.s. Lots of gays here.

  1. Ian Bray (Reply) on Monday-2, 2009

    I dont understand all this moaning about dodgy bus rides when you have been the one to blame for some horridous BUSnowriders coach trips which equally smelt of piss, puke, dodgy films etc.. hehe, good times.

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