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48 Hour Hangover

‘I just want today to end’. How the hell do we all have a hangover that lasts more than 48 hours!?!

Found a few options of bus in the morning and over breakfast decided to go for the midday one. We all packed and checked out. But when it came to buying tickets Isobel confessed that she wasn’t well enough for a bus journey yet. So we held off till 2 o’clock when we got a minibus to ourselves! Pretty sweet deal.

2 hours down the very windy road we stopped to pick up the driver of the 12 o’clock bus that had broken down, everyone was stranded. Feeling rather lucky and thankful we continued with our new Lao copilot that spoke relatively good English in a strange Texan/South African accent.

Stopped again 2 hours down the road to have some noodle soup for lunch and check out the assortment of dead/alive animals that they had available to eat. Anything from live mole to dead tropical birds with deep fried rat and raw horse jaw.

Finally arrived in Luang Prabang after dark and headed to ‘Lao Lao Gardens’ for dinner. Sat and had some beers while the girls went off to find a good guest house.

After looking at about 10 guesthouses, most of which were full or too expensive the girls bartered a room down just 120,000kip. Only condition was that we had to all share the same room. With 3 beds. Cosy. Plus, the guesthouse was run by an amusingly camp Lao man who would become increasingly popular with cameron in the near future.

Had a ‘Lao BBQ’ for dinner that was something similar to what we had in Vientiane and is best described as Piraud meets noodle broth. Was loads of fun to eat but not really very filling and had large salmonella potential.

Tired and STILL hungover!? we went back to snuggle into our 5 person, 3bed room and watched a bizarre german film involving a nurse raping a muscle man.

  1. Hannah (Reply) on Friday-11, 2009

    this is hilarious, love it, much more fun with 5 i’m sure!!

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