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A Weeks Windsurfing ?

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Ok, make it 2 weeks.

Have decided to clump the last few days together into one blog as it pretty much consists of the following daily schedule;

-Wake up about 7 (oversleep till 8 )
-walk to Bulabog Beach on opposite side of the island
-windsurf for a couple of hours if windy enough
-have breakfast in beach hut (cheese omelette and bacon sandwich)
-windsurf for few more hours
-have lunch in beach hut (spag bol and blue marlin steak) £1.50
-windsurf for few more hours
-head back to White beach for happy hour in Bom Bom bar (39p per bottle San miguel)
-have the most awesome coconut curry in shack called ‘Smoke’ (£1)

It’s been pretty hard life out here as you can tell. We were seriously considering staying here for the windsurfing season till march as both loving it so much, but after much debate decided to continue with our travels and have booked flights out to Bangkok. Very hard decision to make, particularly as the people at greenyard (windsurfing place) were all awesome and really helped us perfect our ‘Diablos’. Plus we were offered a very good price on a sick beachfront pad for the next few months. However Jeremy was feeling boring and he really wasn’t getting to grips with windsurfing (can’t yet beachstart) so he booked the flights in a strop without asking Victoria her opinion about anything, as usual. Can you tell who is writing this blog yet?!

Anyway, back to reality, Victorias toe will fall off soon if she doesn’t stay out the water for longer than an hour at a time and has so many bruises on her legs she looks like a crack addict with an abusive partner (1 out of 2 aint bad) and jeremys hands look like he has grilled them ‘medium-rare’.

Boracay, and the Philippines in general is a place not to be missed. Particularly If you are a 60yr old greasy fat American dude with alcoholic tendencies seeking 13yr old beautiful girl/rent boy.

P.s. We are flying zest air again

  1. Shaz (Reply) on Thursday-31, 2009

    Just watched the video. Fantastic!!! xxx

  2. Katie (Reply) on Thursday-7, 2010

    This looks unbelievably cool! super jealous…..been “revising” all day! video is awsome! xxxx

  3. V & J (Reply) on Sunday-10, 2010

    Man it was super sweet, wouldn’t mind going back. Exams soon then! You ready?

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