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On the last night in boracay we had dinner with the girls that had been letting us stay in one of their rooms. Had a few beers and watched film an karaoke with them then crashed into bed.

Said our goodbyes to everyone from greenyard and fele’s place (where jeremy was building website) and had one of the girls friends take us to the port to start the boat/bus/plane journey to Manila.

Flight was at 6pm but thought we’d leave plenty of time to get there have lunch etc at the airport. However, when we arrived at 3.50pm (still 2hrs to go) we were informed that our flight was boarding already! ‘did you not receive email mam sir’. The flight time had changed to 3.40pm and we arrived 10mins late of the flight taking off!

They grabbed our bags, rushed us through the airport onto the plane, and did the fastest safety announcement ever before swiftly hammering down the runway for that infamous ‘zest air’ takeoff.

After some noodles on the plane, amazingly collecting our baggage, negotiating a taxi at Manila airport (by walking 10yds of the distance ourselves we saved 300peso) we found ourselves at the hostel 5mins before we originally thought we were taking off.

Headed out to dinner as both very hungry. So hungry in fact that we ordered the ‘ranch Christmas special’ for 4people and easily chowed down the entire thing. 2starters (they gave us complimentary garlic bread as if we needed more food), 4 mains and 4cokes later we discovered we were the entertainment for the staff. ‘a ha ha look at fat White people eat so much a ha’.

Waddled home and into bed to watch ‘Big Stan’ (almost really funny but not quite, perhaps there was a porkchop stuck blocking my sense of humor).

  1. Ian Bray (Reply) on Friday-20, 2009

    The new layout is rather fresh! Nice work! Sounds like your having fun fun fun! Its only three weeks before we all set off to Morzine, urgh!

    Some new ski films are out on torrent, check Refresh from level 1, Everyday is a saturday from poorboyz and in deep from MSP (matchstick production)! That will save you from watching loads of rubbish movies!

    Hope all is well! luuvvv and kisses xx

  2. carol (Reply) on Friday-20, 2009

    Hey Jerez
    Even I can work out how to leave a message with the new look site, it’s great, well done. I can’t believe you really ate a meal for 4 between you, show me the fat tummies to prove it! Things here grey, as expected, but we are making the most of it, out every night for 8 nights, London and home then stayed with Alasdair, ate, horse races, partied, then on to B and Debs great fun but taken its toll, now down with rotten bug. Better go quickly as Dadda is taking me to rugby tomorrow, England v NZ, v excited as its my first time. Then off to France on Sunday to deliver contents of at least 15 shops to French house ready for Christmas.
    I expect Dadda told you that he is officially retiring on the 1st Dec, Steve becomes chairman and the co gets split into 4 bits, Matthew becomes one of 4 CEO’s and heads up airport distribution. Exciting times! What are we poor retired folk to do with ourselves? I’m building a potting shed (office) for Dadda so that he has a home to go to, when he has moved everything out of his HX office. I thought he might like a new chair, he said ‘NO’, the old one has done perfectly well for 20 years, why would he?
    Really enjoying hearing about all of your adventures, it’s really special for all of us back home.
    Loads of love Mumma XXxxxxxXxxxxxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxxxXXXXXXXXxxxxxxxxXXXXXXX
    PS half the kisses are for Victoria

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