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Bad Times

Aaaauuuuugggghhhh. Feel so bad. Spent the day recovering and trying to peice together what the hell happened to us yesterday.

Had breakfast with everyone and Gordon the king of bad food orders decide that it would be a good idea to order cheesy beans and chicken soup on a stonking hangover, mistake.

Got a message from Steph asking me to do a video message, to my father for his “this is your life” retirement day. Decided it would be good to do one on the rope swing. So plucked up the courage and energy not to puke on myself and got up there.

Victoria and I were going to do it together but unfortunately Victoria had sustained a UDI (unidentified drinking injury) to her foot and found it hard to walk let alone fall on it from 10 meters.

As we were boarding the tuktuk back to town we were stopped by two aussie girls who seemed to know us from yesterday. Apparently they have photographic evidence of our charades on facebook. For dignity reasons we will not be providing their names. We left Cameron to partake in round 3 of tubing.

Sat in a small quiet restaurant and watched ‘Family Guy’ for 5hrs. Had nothing left in the tank to do anything else.

We all went for a (very ropey) roast dinner, and Isobel and Cameron decided to come north with us to Luang Prabang. So the famous 5 continues, woop woop.

  1. Hannah (Reply) on Friday-11, 2009

    hahaha awesome!! good effort Jex, typical you!xx

  2. Hannah (Reply) on Friday-11, 2009


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