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There should be one more day HERE but stupid technology ate it. So all that happened was that we went to the Grand Palace (it was shut) and we met a Guy called Gordon again (previously met him in the Mac store) and got on a train to Laos with him. Think that is all that is note worthy there are some photos here

‘Woke’ (been awake most of the night, dam these trains are bouncy) and swapped trains for one that takes us over the boarder.

We read on a big sign that a mini van would take up to 10 people driving the price down for everyone. So we got 10 people together and were told that we had to have 2 taxis of 5. There was no negotiation, we were in the middle of nowhere and they were are only way out.

Got dropped right in the center of town probably the worlds most quite calm and laid back capital ever, there was no traffic and no hurry. Had some breakfast with Gordon our new found Mac friend and headed off to find a guest house.

Once settled in we went for lunch and discussed the prospect of shooting hand guns at a range down the road. A beer with lunch set us up nicely for this activity and off we trotted. We got to the place to find the gate barred. However there were two locals inside polishing guns that we attempeted to engage in conversation. One of them came over and explained something in Laos. Jeremy and Victoria looked very confused but it was ok because Gorden translated. “oh your shut, from 9 until 2, but there is another shooting range oposite the shopping mall, thanks”. We walked off and started to piss our selves. Gordon genuinely thought that he was speaking English to him. Gorden thought he might have better luck with the policeman at the side of the road. “hi can we”, “no”, “ok thanks”.

Went back to the guest house and had showers etc. Jeremy and Victoria determined to shed weight from their bags turned out their stuff and sorted through the esentail and the useless. Got rid of quite a lot of stuff. Especially about a third of Jeremys contact lenses that had burst open in his bag.

Went out for dinner and sat with dumper trucks going past our table. We ordered Sim Chung or something similar to that name. It’s basically a broth that you cook up yourself, we were rubbish at cooking it. We basically ate hot water and wet (but raw) vegetables and meat.

Went back to the guest house and gaffer taped Jeremy’s surviving contact lenses together (for better protection) and watched the first half of Black Dynomite. Dam funny.

a few border photos

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