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Drinks with the Drunk

Went for breakfast in a shopping mall and had pizza and a cheese burger, nice. Went to Cebu Pacific (aircraft people) to see about confirming our flight out of here. Failed and also realised that we booked the later more expensive flight to Boracay, dam it. Went and got beer.

“A truely satisfying beer with a refined, well-balanced flavor. Perfected and brewed for over a century. The only beer that nourishes true Filipino friendships.” aka we got hammered.

6 hours later we are sat in the same bar talking to a retired alcoholic stall worker for Cornwall (although he occasionally claimed he was from Morroco). We had now had enough beer to think it was a good idea to accompany him to a karaoke bar. Jeremy kicked off the whole affair with the worlds worst version of ‘Gold’ much to Victorias delight who could barely breath or see from laughing so hard. Britney or rather Victoria followed with an equally bad performance with similar effect on Jeremy. (it is the height of rudeness to laugh at someone doing karaoke, oops) We were then put to shame by a Western dude that sang a Filipino song pretty flawlessly. Still it was Paul the drunks tern next and he couldn’t even see the screen so that was hysterical, not sure what he sang but then again I’m not sure he knew either. A few more songs and another couple of buckets of beers was too much excitement for our new friend who had passed out on the table. We took him home and went to get a late night snack. The guys serving us found it hilarious how drunk we were, and very kindly plied us with lots of water. 30 Beers sunk between us and only 500Php spent……. £6. Quality Night.

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