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Fly to Philippines

After changing dorm rooms last night (due to the stench of poop and moldy feet) we didn’t sleep much better. However got more sleep in than the two nights before so all good. Got 2 buses to the airport checked in and ate a KFC! Yes a KFC, felt naughty. Spent our last RM 2.60 on skittles and played the flavor guessing game.

On board a full flight to Manila which is reassuring to see everyone else still wants to go as well. Wondering if we are going to see any flooding and devastation. Our pilots name is Altitude hahahaha.

Landed and it was instantly apparent that what ever water there was had long since evaporated in this heat.

Got a bus from the airport to Manila center that took 3 and a half hours thanks to crazy Filipinos smashing into each other. Once there we walked through the now dark streets to get on the LRT. The woman wanted to search our bags before we got on. You have got to be kidding me, right?!? Nope, contents searched x4. Managed relatively easily to walk the rest of the way to the guest house and only struggled at the end when we walked past the concealed entrance three times. Was pretty run down and expensive but the place over the street was full and everywhere else was going to charge more.

Now are you ready for this? Went across the street and Victoria had a coke, 39Php. Jeremy had a bottle of San Miguel…… 31Php that’s just £0.39 woop woop!

Hungry we went to get some food. Then tired we went back to try and book onward travel and sleep. Failed at both slightly. The room was god dam noisy and started to smell of piss at around midnight. Again so tired it didn’t matter after a while.

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