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Hanging in the Shoe Box

Woke up at 10 very fuzzy headed. A quick squint outside revealed that it was raining hard and confirmed our decision to make minimal movements. Got the people at reception to order us a dominoes pizza (bogof deal even in the Philippines yeh) and lay in bed watching ‘Land of the Lost’ feeling very sorry for ourselves. We were rudely interrupted mid slob at 12:30 when we were told we had to move rooms. This proved to be highly strenuous and forced us to have a nap in our new shoebox. Made ourselves go and buy the Philippines Lonely Planet and get a fruit shake at around 4:30. Walked out of the tourist strip to have dinner in a Filipino restaurant then went (back) to bed. All in all a bloody hard day.

  1. Shaz Gray (Reply) on Friday-6, 2009

    Victoria, you mean to say your “shoebox” was smaller than the Corus Hotel aka “the lift
    room” we stayed in London. xxx

  2. V & J (Reply) on Saturday-7, 2009

    ERK’s yes sweet but gimme some instructions, which one is the best to download i got limited internet here

  3. jeff (Reply) on Saturday-7, 2009

    go megaupload. use hannahs account, user:********* pass:”************************************”(now which one of those words u think is hannahs password??? hmmmm??. i have watched first like 20 mins and its hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!! DYNOMITE!!!!!!!!! riddled with quotes

  4. Ian Bray (Reply) on Monday-9, 2009

    Nice shoe box room!

    Urgh, just got to work at 7.30am! Graduation week officially killed me. Stayed down there from Wednesday until sunday and went out every day and night and also have no less than 4 moonlight all day breakfasts. I body is totally F**ked.

    During this period we went to 60mil, bar me, walkabout, Orange rooms (bar Vin), Bliss, toko, elements, dusk til dawn, ibar, firestation, inferno, bar fruit and finally lit.Tree!

    We managed to skype Andy as well which was cool! tried to get in contact with you two but unfortunatly it didnt happen. Successfully noticed that snowriders are finished and will never be the same! haha.

    OMG! Chipmunk was amazing at the gradball on friday…. Along with the antartic monkeys haha!

    Anyway speak to you soon! xxxx

    PS. 33 days until Morzine! French is also booked up now and coming out! Sucks doesnt it…! haha

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