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Mystery Sick

We woke up with a half eaten packet of cookies some water and someones sick in our bin. We have no idea where any of it came from. But, I have a sneaky suspicion that it was something to do with the beer monster. (Yes Fred you win we both got pissed and it was great.)

We checked out, it was already 11:30 by the time we woke up so didn’t leave a lot of time (check out at 12) and was especially difficult as we felt exceptionally bad.


We headed to the same coffee shop as yesterday to chill out and try and recuperate. A couple of hours later Jeremy noticed that he had got an email from Cebu Pacific (airline) saying that our flight (leaving in 4 hours) is not confirmed as payment was not successful. Brilliant! He left Victoria to guard everything they owned with her eyes closed and headed to Cebu headquarters to try and solve the problem.


After a long walk on the sea urchin foot and an even longer wait in the stuffy Cebu office Jeremy was unable to pay for the flight as HIS debit card was rejected and so couldn’t be used to pay again. Dam. Victoria’s turn. A long walk and a long wait Victoria got to see the same man. Gripping the desk trying not to puke on the shinny surface the payment went through.

Landed in Thailand at 11:00PM local time (12 our time). Bangkok airport is HUGE. We didn’t have enough money or any photos for a visa. So, Jeremy left Victoria to fill out some forms while he walked the length of the airport and up to the 4th floor through security and into departures to the only ATM to get some money out. Then change it into Bart, this took about 40 minutes maybe more. When Jeremy returned Victoria explained that they didn’t need a visa for Thailand because they were British. FML!

Went through immigration and collected the last two solitary bags repeatedly circling baggage reclaim. Victoria had booked an airport pick up to a nice hotel on the outskirts of Bangkok because of our late arrival. There was now no one there. Victoria remembered something about going to the first floor but couldn’t really remember so we walked around some more. Shenanigans involved, no one wanting to give us change, getting in a lift refused to take us to the floor we wanted and the escalator stopping while we where half way up (with our trolley). Eventually found a representative from the hotel at 1:30 AM.

Got to the really nice hotel and ’star fished it’ onto the giant bed. Everything was alright again.

  1. Han (Reply) on Monday-23, 2009

    you guys are disgusting!! guessing that was victoria’s puke?!! certainly looking worse for wear!! so much for the non alcoholic travelling, knew it would never last! I’m still well and truely on that same wagon! DOH!! keep on mooneying people that you shouldn’t mooney!! oh well!!
    Keep up the pictures!! missing you guys!!
    \ps. also sent you a message on skype!! xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Ian Bray (Reply) on Thursday-26, 2009

    Sounds like the two of you are having fun! Did you both really say that you would drink whilst traverling? What on Earth where you thinking to say something like that? Idiots! hehe

    Anyway I have two more weeks of work!!!!!!!! Them im offf! Getting so excited now its ridiculous. I can smell the snow for here!

    Anyway keep well! We will all skype you both when we get to Morzine! We fly out on Sat 12th December!

    seee ya!

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