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Buckets of Beer

Woo hoo, just the 8 hours spent making the new ‘blog theme’ work the way Jeremy wanted. Then we went to the bar for those osooooo cheap beers that are just to cheap to not drink loads. Three buckets of beer later things got a little hazy but we got talking to two Filipineo guys and ended up going to eat with them.

At dinner they asked if we wanted to go somewhere afterwards. Victoria had read in the lonely planet that strip shows are really good in the Philippines and Jeremy was now declaring to the entire restaurant that he wanted to go to a sex show. They didn’t seem so keen about that idea so Jeremy said it a few more times just to make sure.


We ended up taking a walk and getting to an outside bar area with a band playing. We sat here and drank another bucket with our new friends as Jeremy provided the entertainment to everyone who was eating and watching the band by sexily dancing with a chair in front of the stage. We followed the band to ‘Bedrock’ were we drank even more and this time everyone danced like idiots. Victoria forced one of the small Filipino dudes to dance and ended up picking him up and throwing him around the dance floor. Probably quite embarrassing for him. Jeremy was now so pissed that talking and walking was becoming a challenge so we got the bill which came to more money than we had. So Victoria gave everything that we had left to the Filipino guys and chased after Jeremy who had already started stumbling down the street. No one remembers what happened after that but we made it to bed and almost managed to get undressed.

  1. Fred (Reply) on Saturday-21, 2009

    i remember a chat with you both whilst you told me how one of you will always remain sober whilst the other drinks, and you were so so so sure it would happen. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA U were wrong and summerfield and I were Right. sorry Jeremy u r going to have to admit defeat on this one.
    any how looks like you guys are having a hell of a time. very very jealous of you both. keep up the blogs i find them much more interesting than actually doing work yet somewhat depressing that i am not there.
    any how keep having fun
    much love

  2. Jeff (Reply) on Sunday-22, 2009

    hahaha i can picture vic throwing poor phillipino dude around the d floor. works throwing me around the d floor hah. might be coming down with some sor t of flu. caught it in london prob, forgot camden was not the cleanest part. haha. also i either got rohypnolled or really drunk as i threw up the other day which is rare. 3 times i threw up, first green, second yellow, thrid red yellow ish, blood? then lay in bed writhing in pain. good times
    ps. carols comment was pretty funny almost seems under the influence haha)

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