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New Levels of Low

Day two. Victoria got us up at 7 am to go and have breakfast. Hangover well and truely kicked in we retreated back to bed. Victoria had a hawaian pizza and Jeremy doesn’t even remember what he ordered.

Isobel, Cameron and Gordon woke us up and were determined to go tubing again. Dragging our feet we went off to get some lunch and after much debating were all sat at the first bar with another bucket each. Things went from bad to worse. Shaking we saw off the first bucket. Then had the bright idea of buying one bucket at each bar between all of us and necking it in one. This soothed the hangovers and lowered the level of behavior considerably. So much so that we can’t write on here what happened next.

The rest of the day becomes pretty patchy, but bits people remember (and are willing to share) are:

1) Gordon and Isobel being discovered trying to hide on a mini bus that they thought was heading back to town, actually heading 8 hours north.

2) Jeremy and Isobel trying to swap clothes in a restaurant. Ended with Isobel half naked being sent (by a waiter) to the toilets to get dressed.

3) Cameron fighting of a giant bug that was going to attack him (magic shroom shake anyone?)

4) Victoria and Jeremy waking up having passed out in the bar for god knows how long.

5) Jeremy and Gordon having some man snuggle time (no one remembers but Victoria apparently took some photos)

6) and some more stuff like incontinence which we don’t care to mention. Thank god there was no video camera with us.

  1. Jeff (Reply) on Thursday-3, 2009

    some sort of bar crawl emerges all the time haha.

  2. Hannah (Reply) on Friday-11, 2009

    This sounds amazing! we met loads of ppl who did this in thailand! really wanted to try in damn that we didnt go to laos!! xxx

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