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Paradise Please

Up and packed in a slight panic as Jeremy couldn’t find the debit card. But it’s ok he vaguely remembers putting it in a safe place when he was pissed. This re-assured no one and prompted Victoria to activate her card. 45 mins later Jeremy found it in the bottom of the cables bag. How this was a safe place and what logic was used I’m not entirely sure. Taxi to the wrong airport was cheap and a free shuttle between the two easily corrected it. Sat waiting for our flight as one by one the other flights got canceled, held our breath when when our flight was announced but only 30 min delay.

Pretty dodgy flight, we went up then down a bit then turned around at low altitude then pulled up again. Landing was a similar affair in reverse. Came in pretty sideways but nothing a lot of rubber laid on the runway didn’t fix. I should mention that the weather was perfect it was all down to flying ability. Don’t think we’ll fly with Zest air again.

Outside of the airport we got into a mini van to take us to Caticlan and prayed that the grossly obese greasy American and his small gobbie Filipino wife didn’t get in with us. So they got in with us. The iPod volume just wouldn’t go loud enough to make the journey bearable.

Got the 10 minute ferry over to the island being extremely careful not to get the one that HMS fatty was sailing on. We started walking from the port to the beach then realized it was way too far and got into a tricycle. A small amount of shopping around and with the help of a lady that said she worked for the office of tourism (balls) we were comfortably sat in a nice cheap room with all the conveniences we were not really used too. TV, giant fridge, ensuite bathroom and a cooker, couldn’t really believe our luck. A nice long walk down the beach front confirmed this place was real touristy but also beautifully blissful. Tioman was nice, Boracay is something else.

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