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In The Tubing

Here we go. Vodka orange for breakfast and the shits and it’s game time. Arrived at the top of tubing and it’s shirts off white flesh out everywhere. Started with a beer and a swing and this is what we looked like…. (See video below)

  1. Isobel (Reply) on Sunday-14, 2010

    best video ever!!! Good work Jeremy. I cant stop reading your posts now i’m on here :) sounds like you’re making the most of every second, good effort guys! xx

    • V & J (Reply) on Sunday-14, 2010

      Cheers Isobel! We are loving every minute of it (still). It’s a whole world away from our crazy S.E. Asian ways! There’s no weeing on eachother anyway.

      Howz you? What you up to? On a scale of 1 to 10 how depressing is it being back in the UK? Just so we can prepare ourselves! Hurry up and come travelling again, come and meet us in S.America in a few weeks please.

      Stay in touch, we want you to continue to be a fellow groupie!

      See you back in Blighty

  2. Isobel (Reply) on Thursday-18, 2010

    heeyyy unfortunately the 9-5 daily grind is verging on an eleven in the depressing stakes! however….. i didnt last very long without booking another trip, nothing major but heading to america mid June for a couple of weeks to meet a girl i met travelling in thailand. Gonna do LA and San Fransisco……yippeee!!! See ya there :) ?????

    Btw that bungee video nearly makes me sick every time i watch it, ha ha ….well done! Those infamous rope swings must seem like a piece of piss in comparison! Keep up the good work you two! Did you lose Gordon btw? xx

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