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Sublime to the ridiculos

Found a place outside of Calsan to have breakfast and it just so happened that they serve the worlds greatest orange juice. Jeremy made use of the ‘facilities’ for a nice long time before we left in search of better accomidation.

After much searching and negotiation we found a nice place to stay for cheaper than the previous night and moved our stuff over to there.

We had lunch and found our selves in a ‘Mac’ store finding out just how cheap they are. Not very is the answer to that. If you buy a mac book air and get the VAT back (only if you fly out of Thailand) then it’s about £168 cheaper but we are not flying so that that.

Headed to the train staition and booked a ticket heade for Laos tomorrow evening. Jumped on the subway (that looked exactly the same as Singapore) and headed to the park where we watched huge numbers of Thai’s ‘jog’ around in circles. We say ‘jog’ becaus there was some pretty special efforts.

We walked from the park to a bar called Vertigo which is on the 59th floor and up to flight of stairs.

Last night we paid £10 to watch a small collection of women blow push and pull a range of items from their vaginas. Tonight we paid £20 for 2 beers, a glass of red wine and the privalidge to sit at a roof top bar and watch the sun set over the entire of Bangcock. Didn’t realise just how HUGE Bangkok is. The city dissapeared into the smog before we could see the end of it. This is the city still going strong on full zoom with the camera.

And for comparison this is the moon at full zoom.

One bed in our guest house is rock solid and the other one is bearable so we are both huddled on one single bed trying to sleep. Ps it’s actually quite cold here.

  1. Fred (Reply) on Tuesday-24, 2009

    bit late now but if you end up back in Bangkok there is a good hotel with cheep good thai food about 1 street down from Khaosan Road. nick can forward you the details as i have forgotten what it was called, but well worth it as its way better htan what can be available.
    right lecture to get to. love your review of the lady dart thing show

  2. Han (Reply) on Tuesday-24, 2009

    WOW… it looks amazing up there! lucky bastards!! xx

  3. mini (Reply) on Thursday-26, 2009

    On the road again ;-)
    I have, of course been following your trip so far, and what a trip it has been… love it
    Windsurfing in paradise to ping-pong ball firing
    Likin the new website layout/design, good work Jers
    So where to next???

    This weeks news from the MP Pack camp
    Brought a turkey and a Christmas tree as my parents/sister/her boyfriend Charlie are coming over this weekend for a Christmas meal!!
    As of yesterday Emily has a super duper bright pink suit all in one for SC, she actually conducted her first piece of shop lifting as she ran out of the shop with it on before I had paid, took me five minutes to catch up with her.
    Matt and I went to the O2 centre on Tuesday and watched Murray, Federer play, awesome
    Getting bigger, half way, 20 weeks gone and 20 weeks left. Had a scan on Monday, all good :-) did not find out if baby will be a boy or girl, will wait and see

    Big Love to you both xxxxxxxxxx and loads of kisses xxxxxxxxx

  4. Hannah (Reply) on Friday-27, 2009

    Hey guys! wow, ur guna love south east asia! have a great time exploring it! I have some serious catching up to do on your blog – so expect a sting of comments from me! hehe, much love guys, missing you! xxx

  5. Shazza (Reply) on Monday-30, 2009

    I’ve just been playing “dot to dot” with your freckles on the second photo of you Victoria. Great photos of both of you. You look so well. Baz and I had good weekend. Had supper with John, Libs and Anne. No burning menu this time! Can’t wait to hear all about Laos. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Nick (Reply) on Wednesday-2, 2009

    Abosolutely no idea how i can remeber this but im sure the hotel was called Viengtai Hotel its 1 street before khoa san road its very nice there, its is quite posh but if you want to get away from the back packer side of things then its pretty good place to chill.

    But dont do what fred did and give the porter 100 baht tip as he will be following you round everywhere.

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