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Vang Vieng

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Struggled to get money out of any bank. It seems they just don’t like us. Eventually managed to get 2million out of the bank woohoo we are millionaires!

Got tourist bus headed for Vang Vieng with the rest of the people in our guesthouse. This time they packed all 10 of us in the minibus as there was no profit to be made. Roads were not bad but real windy so were forced to look at the stunning views the whole time. Man life is hard.

We got dropped at a guesthouse offering huts for real cheap. However we thought it would be better to be further in town so took the offer of a free tuktuk!? To his guesthouse just to have a look. We were satisfied with this even cheaper guest house and 5 of us checked in together.

We all went for food together (now almost room mates it seemed like the right thing to do). Guys are really nice, isobel 22 cameron 18 and ofcourse Gordon 26 tomorrow.

We explored the town further before Jeremy, busy taking photos, managed to loose everyone else. This prompted Jeremy and Victoria to engage in a hour and a half wander around town looking for each other.

We found each other (much to Jeremys delight and Victorias anger) and went for a beer by the river.

The other guys got back and informed us that tubing looks nuts. Dinner in a nice restaurant. Gordons meal arrived and looked very similar to isobels. “is this the same as that” yes replied the waiter. “oh cause I didn’t order the same as her”, “……do you like it?”, “….well yeh it’s not bad like but…..” (waiter left pleased with himself). Hysterics followed.

Went out for some beers but called the night to an end early to save our livers for Gordons birthday tomorrow.

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