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So Dutch (the Australian windsurfing instructor) told Jeremy that he could probably windsurf without booties on now as he was capably water starting everywhere. (thus avoiding the sea urchins). So after collecting sea urchin spikes in his foot Jeremy decided it was a little too painful to windsurf for the next few days. Instead he very industriously got to work on building a website for a local resort that had just opened up. In exchange for his geekiness they fed us both for the rest of the time we were there, which was pretty sweet.

So Victoria continued to windsurf (even with a hole in both feet-she is not a cry baby) whilst Jeremy slowly got fat, drunk and geekier. A sign of things to come me thinks.

We were invited to a Filipino girls house for dinner one night and headed there with several bottles of rum (80p a liter, Victoria read in a magazine that it is considered one of the top ten rums in the world!). Three people per motorcycle down dusty bumpy dirt paths across the island to, what we assumed would be, a modest typical Filipino house.

Golf carts awaited our arrival to escort us to a very plush pad at the top of a hill overlooking the bay. Pool tumbling down the hillside and massive indoor water features were not what we were expecting. Anyway was a very funny evening, everyone got suitably drunk (the Filipinos were drunk roughly 4hrs before the westerners!). Stumbled back at around 3 o’clock drowned in Rum.

17 Nov 2009
Show me more of the party!!!

On the final day a really nice couple (that moved into the resort that was feeding us) offered Jeremy a go on their brand new kite gear. Pain or not this was not getting turned down. Mat, Si need to invest in North C Kites, pretty dam sweet, apparently the 2010 model is amazing. So Jeremy even got his kite fix. We then had to pay for everything Jeremy had broken over the 2 weeks. That will be one sail (he put a him shaped whole in it), one fin (he windsurfed into a rock and ripped the fin out of the board) and luckily the sea urchin was free. Good times.

  1. Matthew Pack (Reply) on Saturday-21, 2009

    how are your feet jers sea urchin looks properly painful?

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