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12 On A Bus

Said goodbye to Cameron at 5:30am for him to catch his plane, now down to 3.

Got up 2 hours later to be taken to our bus. The van stopped outside ‘Joma’ to pick some more people up so we got another wicked breakfast in, can’t believe our luck.

Luck ran out, we arrived at the bus station to find our minivan fully packed. There clearly wasn’t any seats left but they convinced us that there should be four across the back row. Jeremy threw his bag onto the roof, the man wasn’t looking so it rolled off sideways, Jeremy stepped right to catch it and much to everyones delight fell down a hole.

Victoria is sat bent double next to Gordon in the cosy four seater back row. Jeremy has got the leg room but has traded this for sitting on what might as well be an assortment of metal polls. Let’s go!

Basically nothing else happens appart from switching seats and sitting on the floor for a bit.

Saw a car crash into a scooter when we stopped for lunch. Everyone huddled around but seemed to do nothing. Eventually picked up the two scooterers and put then into the back of a truck to (hopefully) take them to hospital.

Back enroute we wrote these blog posts while we weaved and bounced down, what is meant to be a main road in Laos, love it.

The sun had gone down and we’re 30 mins from arriving. Hungry man.

Cool room (in more ways than one, it’s freezing here!) spied some cheap bikes for tomorrow.

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