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3 Days Windsurfing

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The next couple of days saw Jeremy become the man at windsurfing, getting some “pretty vertical” air (back me up Jos) although the carve jibe still a little allusive. Meanwhile Victoria got increasingly jealous as she tanned herself in random patches (had to cover up injured parts from the bike crash). This was basically the routine for the next three days. while, evening activities included:

1) Being invited out to dinner with everyone for Johno and Nikki’s last night. Very kindly each couple took a traveler under their wing and treated them to dinner. It was super good, thanks a bajilion everyone!

2) We managed to sell both our bikes jointly for $70 less than we bought them for. Gordon was not so lucky and sold his one bike for $150 less. Still we are all alive!

3) Went out and got hammered with everyone (minus johno and nikki who had gone home). Victoria leading the drunken way decided that it was acceptable to let Anna know that her nickname was “Norwegian Fitty” and that Gordon had been checking out her “side boob”. Side Boob Definition

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