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4 Bajillion Islands

Got dripped on from about 4am. No idea how, there was no rain!?! (probably best no to think about it).

Our boat man took us back to the mainland where we got a seriously ropey breakfast and a bus to the 4 thousand islands.

Got a second boat to Dong Kon with an Australian family that have been traveling round with their 6 & 8 year old for the last 2 years. Shouldn’t they be in school?

Walked up and down looking for accomodation and eventually cracked and went for the expensive one. Felt we deserved it after our homestay.

Dinner was interesting. 3 “happy” pizzas later we decided it was probably a mistake. We had already had quite a few beers and after eating one and a half pizzas each Victoria was talking complete tripe to someone in the restaurant while Jeremy was left to helplessly giggle like a little girl.

Man: how long have you been traveling for?
Victoria talks about her favourite country jeremy cries with laughter.
Man repeats question
Victoria talks about her second favourite country
Jeremy wets himself
Man gives up and asks something else.
Jeremy almost can’t stand

Time to go I feel.

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