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A Dark Cave

Our plan for today was to drive our bikes until we reached a remote village and ask if we could stay in one of their houses. However, Victoria had the squits….. Again and didn’t fancy dealing with it in “home stay” conditions. So we decided just to ride and see what interesting stuff we could find.

Hammered it down the really smooth winding road towards the chinese border. When I say hammered, I mean Gordon reached 130, Jeremy 120 and Victoria 80 (km/h that is).

Stopped at a Cave to be walked around in the pitch black by some local that didn’t speak any English. Was hysterical, there were lights in the cave but apparently they were ‘boddie’ and we couldn’t go any further into the darkness because of the ‘nam’. But luckily we were each given torches. That didn’t work. All this may have had something to do with the tubing bracelet (instead of money) that Victoria offered to the cave gods in return for entry. Still, made it out in one piece just had to walk back past the place where victoria had accidentally had taken a runny poop on the side of the path. Damn those squits.

Stopped at a restaurant on the way back and played charades with a man in an attempt to get some food. We translated his actions as ‘i need to go and kill something over there so you can eat, but I need all the electricity in the village and her hair’ (pointing at victoria). Gordon continued to say chicken in Lao and victoria said other helpful things like ‘one word’, ‘movie’, ‘titanic?’ ‘how many syllables?’. It was clear we weren’t going to get anywhere and went on our merry way empty bellied leaving the man to paint.

On the way back Jeremy stopped to wait for Victoria, the same as yesterday. However, this time 15 mins past and there was still no sign of her. Jeremy started to ride back the way they had come getting increasingly more worried as the km’s past. 15k later he stopped to put his jumper on and decided that if she wasn’t in the next k or so she must have gone past already. Round the next corner was Victoria at the road side, no petrol! On the back of the bike to the nearest village (5k) and back with a mineral bottle of petrol that cost more than petrol in England. Was now pretty late and had damn hungry ride home on an empty belly.

Back in town we stuffed our faces big time, returned the bikes and arrange transport for tomorrow.

Jeremy reckons that he figured out the charade on the way back, the man covered in paint was saying that the chef was in the field cutting stuff and would be back soon, but we’ll never know. Not sure what the hair stuff was about though.

  1. Jeff (Reply) on Monday-14, 2009

    HAHAHAHAHAH shame on you vic!

    • V & J (Reply) on Monday-14, 2009

      Your definitely our number one fan Erk’s. Love your dedication but shouldn’t you be working right now?

  2. Jeff (Reply) on Monday-14, 2009

    yes ive got an assignment in on thursday. also shot myself in the foot an chose a module which makes me do a 10k dissertation escue project….on top of the actualy dissertation! fuck my life

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