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Angkor Wat

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Temple time was at stupid o’clock and we sat and watched the sunrise over Angkor Wat, which was actually not as spectacular as we hoped due to cloud cover.

We attempted to get a guide to show us what this Wat was all about but you have to pre-arrange them from town so we continued to walk around aimlessly, occasionally pretending to be Angelina Jolie.

Checked out the other temples in the surrounding area. Jeremy missed seeing one as his poopy alarm sounded and he instead took a 1k sprint in the heat to the nearest toilet.

In our opinion the Lara Croft temple was the best as it was still in ruins and overrun with trees which made it some how much more interesting to explore.

Back to town for lunch before going in search of a swimming pool. Swam, read books and chatted for the afternoon.

Dinner was considerably better this time as we splashed the cash on a $6 steak that was the size of my fist and pretty damn tasty. Definately sent us to our happy place. Today was an expensive day!

p.s. where are all the tampons?

  1. Jeff (Reply) on Saturday-26, 2009

    guys you shuold enter this shit for comedic creative writing competitions, there must be some award for the creative input into the description of these stories. cant help but wet myself over someof these

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