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Baby Sitting

Slept in until around midday when we joined Gordon for breakfast in “Jibes”. There was some wind and Gordon was pretty keen on doing some windsurfing so Jeremy swam out with him and his equipment. It was really difficult, especially for a beginner. If the first couple of waves didn’t knock you off then the next couple would.

Whilst Gordon and Jeremy got battered by the waves, the injured one sat on a sun lounger and read her book, between naps.

That night Victoria walked into the hotel past the barmaid who held a screaming child, instantly it thrust it’s arms out towards Victoria. They gave her the child and it fell silent. Enter a slightly nervous and scared Jeremy. Sat up having another beer taking it in turns to hold the child (it would not let you sit down or stop moving otherwise it would bring on the noice) until the father got back.

  1. jeff (Reply) on Friday-1, 2010

    1. vic looks like she did a chin plastic surgery like jim carrey in me myself n irene
    2. i think the western child was scared of the aliens (chinese looking people)

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