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Back To HCMC

Hungover in the local clinic waiting for the doctor to arrive to take Victorias stitches out. This place wasn’t quite as sophisticated as the first hospital and we were debating whether to go back to the other one. Then the doctor arrived on his scooter donned a jacket, put some gloves on and instructed Victoria to lay on the metal table. Our taxi man came to the hole in the wall (window) to watch as the doctor set to work.

Have to say we were both a little surprised when he simply replaced the bandage. “No we want them out”. “Not ready”. That was that.

Went for breakfast and back up to Jos and Annes to say good bye.

We ordered some lunch from our hotel and they assured us that the bus is always late so we had time to eat. so the bus arrived early and we scrambled on with a plastic bag of chips and toasted sandwich.

Arrived in HCMC late that night and returned to the same guest house and booked to go to the Cu Chi tunnels the next day.

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