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Oudomxai airport is by far the smallest airport we have ever seen. One check in table accompanied a room the size of a disabled toilet cubical. This housed security check (a man with a hand held metal detector) bagage x-ray (they looked inside), passport control and ticket check (two separate people at one tressal table).

We boarded the flight along with a woman and her hen and were instantly hit by the smell of mouldy feet. Still we soon became accustomed to it and the flight was actually pretty good (made better by the leg room in the emergancy exit row).

Landed in Vientiane and watched everyone collect their cardboard boxes from the bagage collection convayer belt.

Walked out to the gates and got a tuktuk into town where we discovered that everywhere was pretty much full. Could have something to do with the SEA games that start here tomorrow. Found a room. However, at the same time we found a sleeper bus going to ‘Pakse’. We decided to leave Gordon here and get the bus south.

Had really good last meal together (no joke!) rinsing the free wifi that actually worked this time and went to catch the bus.

Met a Polish couple that were headed on the same bus as us and drank beer with them. This steadied the nerves as we had spied that our bed was part of the 5 across the back row. This was currently holding an old man and a crazy looking lady in a turban. However when we got on they moved (obviously just trying their luck) and we shared with two dykes from Switzerland instead. Slept with 2 lesbians and my girlfriend, tick.

We got round the corner and the bus broke down. Everyone off and everyone on the next bus. Pillows were a bit harder but apart from that it was a much nicer bus. Slept on and off.

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