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Bike Search

The search begins! Gordon had been tipped off about where to find some bikes so we headed in that direction. After asking alot of people that didn’t speak English and being offered alot of ‘motos’ (motor bike taxi drivers), “NO we want to BUY one”…… ‘moto’? we were close to giving up.

A man from inside a restaurant then offered to take us to a garage. The only thing that was of interest on this trip was boarding a rammed ferry on the back of a ‘moto’, crazily kaotic.

We headed home and on the way saw 2 westeners buying helmets. These guys tipped us off as to where we could find some bikes.

5 o’clock that evening Gordon had bought an army green Russian Minsk of a Polish guy that had just come down from Hanoi.

Rather jelouse of his success V and J upped there efforts and after alot of rejection found an Indian/vietnamese man that wanted to sell his scooter. Two years old, alot of miles but in pretty good condition. We held off until tomorrow when Gordon could take a look.

jeremy later found another Minsk on ‘Craigs List’ for urgent sale. a quick phone call arraged a viewing for tomorrow morning.

finguers crossed

  1. jeff (Reply) on Friday-1, 2010

    jeremy wrote this one then

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