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Boxing Day

Ah! stick ri! bincrow!

That’s sticky rice and beansprouts to you and me. But at the cooking school it was a matter of guessing ingredients and methods and hoping for the best. After a short stop at the Market we returned to ’school’ and made Vietnamese favourites, which were all actually very nice and simple recipes that could easily be done back in Blighty. But we still managed to make a deformed rose out of a tomato (Anne), rice paper that resembled baby sick (Victoria) and set a pan on fire to be extinguished in the sand (Gordon). However, the tiny Vietnamese woman running the show had a ridiculously funny voice and her random comments to Gordon ‘breast milk for man’ saw us through with ease. money well spent I’d say.

Jeremy went and swam around in the water with a small board (94lt) and big sail but never really went anywhere, much to his disappointment. However he did successfully make good use of his insurance by ripping his sail by simultaniously snapping his mast in the shore break. Money well spent also.

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