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Charlie Don’t Surf

Bus takes 3 hours longer than advertised (as expected) but journey not bad as Jet Li was entertaining us in a very strange kungfo film that disturbingly contained a small boys willy. Crossed the border with a load of Chinese Tourists all wearing blue hats and did the most pointless walk with our bags over the boarder just for the bus to drive after us and put us all back on again?!?!?

Enter hcmc! scooter slalom begins. checked into nice triple room (with large window-very important for the view of the wall) as we have decided we can’t live without Gordon for the time being and visa versa.

Explored the city at night for a while and decided it is crazy but cool. Had a relatively ropey dinner (our fault for ordering western food, will stick to Vietnamese in future). Couple of beers and retreated back to our cozy room for some bedtime reading.

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