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Christmas Eve

Went to Jos and Annes place to say hiya and check out their pad. Thought about going windsurfing but instead went shopping (Victoria can’t windsurf because of the stitches so tried to get her something else). After trying alot of stuff on nothing was worth buying so retreated having failed.

All three of us then headed back up to Jos and Anne’s for a Christmas Eve 5 course dinner! Over the canopy nibbles Gorden made a classic quote “This is the kind of ‘do’ where you end up sleeping with a middle aged woman in a closet”. Enter the owner who looks like stifflers mum and cue laughter.

A water buffalo was bought in and passed off as Santas reindeer. This went down well with the children who were alowed to ride Santas water deer. Played with some sparklers. Jeremy, his usual forgetful self, left one perched over a candle and almost set the table alight.

The starter came and Jonno left to be sick from a dodgy Oyster, but managed to make it back in time for the next course. Nikki was slightly gutted that she and her bump could not eat the lobster dish (it was the best course, sorry Nikki) and made do with a mushroom puff. Moving nicely through the red wine stories of sleeping with people in library’s and being walked in upon mid action all got aired. Unfortunately Victoria had started to feel sick, we’re not sure which one of the 8 pills she is taking could have mixed badly with the wine but we made a hasty retreat.

This was just as well as for back in the room Victoria swiftly used the loo and the bin simultaneously to empty herself. Jeremy spoke to his family on skype while Victoria snuggled up in bed feeling even more sorry for herself than she did before.

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