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Victoria was meant to go for a cookery course today with Gordon but, unfortunately Gordon was laid up in bed feeling rubbish so they left it till tomorrow.

V and J walked up and had a go at crazy golf, much like most of our golf matches, it ends in a draw (Jeremy can’t bring himself to make Victoria lose). Jeremy also lives in denial. Realised that crazy golf would be an awesome present for Antoine and Alice (and Jos and Anne).

Walked over to wish them a Merry Christmas. Exchanged presents, mini golf for marmite, coco pops and man scrub stuff. Jeremy then got his Christmas wish and went windsurfing with Jos.

Jeremy windsurfed into the beach and didn’t recognize anything. Assuming he had traveled down wind he started to walk up the beach. After a 10 minute struggle he arrived back at his guest house UP WIND of where he started!!! Damn it. Windsurfed downwind back to where he started and collapsed with exhaustion.

Mean while Victoria was Skyping her parents to let them know that she had scraped her face along the pavement, this went down like a fart in a space suit. When an exhausted Jeremy turned up the reception from Baz was….. (understandably) hostile.

Went to play mini golf with everyone and then go out for dinner aswell. Had an awesome meal compliments Jos and Anne (even if Jeremy and Anne ordered duck leg and got pig knuckle it was still good). Thanks very much guys was really sweeeeet.

Skyped the Packs to say to say Merry Christmas and had Emily drop in to call Jeremy a ‘butt bung’ (her best attempt at ‘bung bung’ or she has just got him pinned?!?).

Emily Dropping In

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