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Down To Four

Got everyone up early again to go and have breakfast before dropping the scooters back.

Tuktuk back into town to bed. Left the tv on the movie channel and dozed.

Up for lunch to find Internet and plan the next step of the journey. Cameron and Isobel both booked tickets back to Thailand. While we surfed the net and withdrew 5 million Kip from the Bank.

We all said goodbye to Isobel who got a night bus to Chiang Mai. So now down to four we went out for dinner. Booked a ticket north to Luang Namtha along with Gordon, so have 8 hour bus journey to look forward to tomorrow.

After dinner we wandered the night market again intent on getting some more presents. Jeremy wanted a hand carved stone chess set. After bartering hard and looking at it for a long time he decided that he didn’t really want it. Picked up a few more presents and hurried back for a relatively early night.

We paid Duke for the room ready to leave tomorrow where he made another nice little comment to Cameron who tried to pay with a big note. “I don’t like big ones, well I do (stare at Cameron) but just not this kind of big one.” aaaaahhhhh RUN!

  1. Jeff (Reply) on Friday-11, 2009

    did you get the wind app i sent you? sent it to matt and si also, looks pretty cool and works in alot of places apparently not just the uk!

  2. Hannah (Reply) on Friday-11, 2009

    haha yes!! I love it!

    thanks for your comment on me blog! I just got meself a job offer in London so I am moving to the big smoke in a few weeks!!

    ahhh! soo jelous guys, i hope you are loving every second and forgetting all about real life! Live the traveling dream!

    All my love xxx

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