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Getting a Public Bus in Laos

‘Arrive early’ we were told. We got there at 11:20 to be told the 12:00 bus had gone already!?! Apparently when it’s full, it goes. So we kicked around until 2:30 when the next bus left. Found some people in the same situation to us, although they didn’t know it yet and were quite happily sitting on the wrong bus heading to the Chinese border (we rescued them).

The local bus was actually quite a lot of fun and eventful. We scraped down the side of a toyota 4×4 breaking some poor Loas guys heart (we have discovered how precious cars are to them, not to mention expensive.)

A woman also got on with a cardboard box of chicks and put them on the floor just in time for the next Laos woman to get on and step on them. chirp chirp CHIRP

Ok I lied, those were the only two things that happened, the other 5 hours were spent bumping up and down on a seriously dusty (heavily underconstruction) road. However the views were great, until it went dark.

Got a room and went to dinner. A waitress was nice enough to come over and help us count to 20 in Lao by saying it and writing the number on a peice of paper. We were left unable to count and with a peice of paper numbered 1-20 but it’s the thought that counts.

Had a nice snack of chicken feet. Well Victoria chickened out (no pun intended) but they were real nasty. You snap a finger off and then eat bone, cartalidge, skin and fat with possibly some meat. Not worth it!

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