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Early doors we got up and took the market boat back to the main land. Shared our boat with a man and his escaping rooster.

Sat underneath someones house, next to their tractor in their “office” waiting to buy a ticket to Siem Reap. We waited for a while then a man came down in his towel, asked where we were going then went for a shower. Love Laos, no hurry to make money. Eventually got a ticket and changed our remaining money into dollars. It just so happened that everything we had left, including the 500 we argued for for ages in the bank, came to an exact amount of dollars. So it was worth the fight.

Got to the border where we had to fork out the dollars to bribe the officials to take our temperature, give us a visa and get a departure card. Welcome to Cambodia! We did manage to barter the price down to stamp us out of laos though (from $2 to $1 each) which was a triumph as there were a lot of people on our bus. Peaceful protests attended=1.

Our next bus to Siem Reap was nice and comfortable but featured some Cambodians doing Karaoke at the front.

We are quick to admit that most British people can’t sing, but this was something else. Thankfully we stopped for lunch before Victoria found the medical kit and shoved needles into her eardrums. The place smelled a little funky and the food was pretty ropey but it did the job.

Back on the bus we broke down. Emotionally due to karaoke and physically due to burst tyres. While they changed it everyone huddled round the shade of a nearby tree.

Back on the bus we broke down again. Same situation, tree shade while the driver climbed underneath with a knife and a piece of spare rubber to fix what ever it was that was wrong. We all had complete faith in his DIY skills and got back on the bus.

Stopped for dinner and swapped buses. We took the last two seats that were separated and less than desirable. Victoria couldn’t handle it anymore and wept to herself at the front of the bus. So tired and couldn’t sleep. Arrived at 1:30am and was whisked off to a guesthouse by a very rude tuk tuk driver who had learned the word ‘fuck’ and seemed to enjoy saying it, a lot.

Attempted to find a guesthouse with Adam and anna, a couple we met on the bus. First guesthouse, everyone was asleep and second guest house was a similar story but enough banging on the door from the tuktuk driver managed to wake someone.

We took the room. Victoria lay awake, eyes twitching, listening to the dogs barking, while Jeremy lay awake listening to Victoria weeping at the sound of the dogs barking.

  1. Jeff (Reply) on Saturday-26, 2009

    HAHAHAHAHAHA poor vic. so i hope you guys are booking your flights back sometime in the the next few weeks. ill meet you in the airport! laters

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