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Land of Death

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Woke up pretty bleary eyed, checked out and went to the same guest house as Gordon. After negotiating with reception about room price they changed Gordons $3 room to a $4 one and so Victoria babbled on about being a lonely planet editor and we left laughing at how drunk she still must be.

Checked in next door and had breakfast with Rob and Andy (the two guys we met yesterday). It all got too much for Victoria at breakfast and she had to go and be sick.

Hired a tuktuk for the day and went to pick up our visas before heading to S21, the school that under the Pol Pot Regieme was turned into a prison/torture centre. Was really quiet disturbing, 20,000 people were heald tortured and exterminated from 1975-79, this included women children and infants…… pretty sick. There is lots of really interesting and complicated history here that is worth hearing about but I won’t write it as it will take forever, but I would recommend wikipedia-ing it. (one man responsible has only just been sentenced today).

Next we headed to ‘The Killing Fields’, this is where people were taken after S-21 and other places to be exterminated. It is basically a mass grave site (2.5 hecters of mass graves). People were rarely killed by bullets as this was too expensive. Instead hammers, bambo sticks, spades and axes were used to club victims to death. If you were a baby and you got to be smashed against a tree. Mass graves included, 100 naked women and children, 166 headless victims and the biggest grave of 400. Victims would often be clubbed to within inches of their lives and thrown into the hole to be buried alive with DDT (fertiliser). This was all done to party music to stop the next victim from realising his fate and also made sure no one else heard re scream. 2.5 million people out of the 7 million population died during the Pol Pot regeime. Not sure how this happened in this day and age.

Didn’t really do anything else that day. Had some food and a few drinks with everyone and called it a day.

  1. nadia (Reply) on Tuesday-22, 2009

    LAND OF DEATH? are u kidding me? at this time of yr i hoped we could relie on you both to send home some festive cheer!! all sounds very interesting and glad ur enjoying it!! much love to u both!
    p.s vicky are u on the toilet in that photo or am i being dyslexic?? xxx

  2. Jeff (Reply) on Saturday-26, 2009

    pol pots a cock

  3. Jeff (Reply) on Saturday-26, 2009

    also my tech skills went backwards a bit i cant seem to work out how to look at the photos slides anymore??? how?

  4. Man (Reply) on Saturday-26, 2009

    Did you say scombridae?

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