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Motor bike

Jeremy could not resist the offer of a real motor bike (rather than a scooter). Two stalls and a couple of dodgy gear changes but after that there was no problems. Victoria hired a scooter all to herself and set off slightly wobbly. The man rushed after her spotting the danger…. of a buckled front wheel. Set of again, much smoother this time. 32k to Muang Sing through some awesome countryside and really bumpy roads.

Stopped at a village and stood around a strung up, freshly killed rat and discussed in our best Laos the potential roast rat lunch.

Further down the road we stopped to chat to a group of girls with big knives and baskets. The only word they knew was ‘money’, hmm. Gordon gave them a pair of scissors instead, they seemed quite happy. Meanwhile Victoria came round the corner on her scooter with two hitchhiking Lao children on the front. They thanked her and walked off into the bush.

Found a place to have lunch where an elderly lady came over trying to convince us to buy some bracelets. When it was clear we didn’t want any she changed tactics and produced some Opium. A real ‘me nans me dealer’ situation.

Up the road we turned off down a dirt track and eventually arrived at a village. Not the one we were looking for but was a remote village none the less. Went passed their ‘ghost gate’ with wooden guns attatched, we guessed/hoped this meant ‘leave your guns at the gate’ rather than the alternative translation, ‘death to all’.

Jeremy stopped on the way back to wait for Victoria to catch up. She eventually came around the corner very slowly and explained that she no longer had a back brake. Brilliant! Set off together riding really slowly, managed to make it all the way home where it transpired that victoria must have never had a back brake in the first place. (a big bolt was missing from her scooter). ‘No wonder it took me ages to stop’. Some might say she was lucky!

  1. Shaz (Reply) on Monday-14, 2009

    Good thing I’ve only just read about lack of back brakes and bolts missing honeybunch otherwise your bollocking today would have been ten times worse. xxxxx

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