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New Years Eve

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Our Cu Chi Tunnels trip we booked was erm…interesting. First we were carted off too a “Handicapped Handicrafts” warehouse where we could stare at a range of different handicapped people making handicrafts selling for 15 times the normal price.

We got to the Cu Chi Tunnels and it was like being in the centre of London, but with more westerners. Our guide was good, but it was difficult to hear what him. Still the whole thing was fascinating. Especially the bias propaganda video from the 70’s that promoted ‘killing Americans’ and featured the VC receiving ‘hero medal for killing American enemies’.

We went into the tunnels that had been widened for fat westeners and they were still very cramped. Victoria got 4 metres in and had to back everyone out as she started to freak out. jeremy and Gordon were running around the tunnels like squealing school children.

On our way home we were again carted off to a tea shop for some more attempts to suck money from us. We drank the free tea and the iced coffee and biscuits and watched the ceramic little boy wee boiling water all over a young girl “a ha is very funny yes?”.

Had a power nap before going to meet Anna and Adam and their two friends Dan and Sam for dinner. It was already quite late so we worked fast getting stuck onto some cocktails. We found a small bar to get nicely drunk in before 12. Fishbowls of vodka redbull just kept on coming!

Just before New Years hit we poured onto the street with everyone else bringing the whole of HCMC to a stand still. Was brilliant to be stood there shouting the count down with thousands of other drunk people.

Sprayed fake snow everywhere including all over some poor vietnamese dudes Van. Unfortunatley as we were having all this fun Dan had realised he was pick pocketed and had lost his brand new iPhone, Happy New Year!

And that was the end of the night according to our memories.

But what actually happened is we managed to loose everyone and gradually our own minds. Do randomly remember the following;

Seeing a family of 7 riding one scooter.

Victoria wearing a japanese womans multicoloured wig!?!

Jeremy lying on the dance floor and generally abusing people.

Eventually Jeremy finished the fun by being sick in the street and hopped home (bare foot).

Jeremy then thought it was a good idea to skype his family and show them Victoria being sick in the toilet as well as broadcast his own bum (this was later clarified and it was actually his nut sack) as a new years treat. Drunk skype = bad.

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