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Our First Bike

Had a bakery breakfast of croissant and muffins that was so damn good that Jeremy had six.

Met captain weird who was selling his Minsk. The bike was in better condition than Gordons and actually had a key and speedo (although it didn’t work). He wanted $300, we offered $200, deal was off.

Went next door and Gordon tried out victoria’s scooter. It was good so we bargained it down to $260 and bought it. Victoria now own’s her first bike (start timer till time of crash).

Text Captain weird offering $250 for his bike and he agreed so all three of us were now proud owners of clapped out bikes. Jeremy’s came with a helmet but Victoria had to go and buy one along with Gordon who decided that the one supplied with his wasn’t too great.

Went out for some drinks to celebrate our biker gang formation and met Rob and Andy randomly. One thing lead to another and we found ourselves in some club till 3am. Riding to Mui Ne tomorrow could be interesting.

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