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Our Last Bike

Late start, bleary eyes and jeremy’s (not so) tactical chunder into the hedge delayed our bakery breakfast. Firing mohito backwards through your nose is not the best way to start the day.

We collected our bikes and loaded them up with our bags and set off into the madness of HCMC’s traffic. There are not many roads in the city but there are even less signposts. So in amidst the madness we had to get locals to point which way Mui Ne was (you would be suprised how hard it is to pronounce “Mui Ne” until they understand).

Out onto the highway was crazy, not quite the quiet back streets we had imagined. Instead buses thundered past sounding their deafening fog horns and scooters weaved in and out.

We stopped after 2 hours and the GPS told us we had only done 45km! At this rate we were going to get there after dark, which was a problem for Gordon who had no headlight. So V and J continued at a similar speed while Gordon put his bike to the test and picked up the pace as he began his race against the sun.

5 hours and by far the worst drive of our lives (including Gordons). The police attempted to pull us over twice but we pretended not to see by Victoria, not so subtely, swerving round a policeman.

6 hours and disaster struck. Coming up to a tollbooth a Vietnamese scooter swerved right and braked infront of Victoria. She locked her back brake up and crashed into the back of him sending herself to the floor.

By removing her bike from on top of her and peeling her off the concrete we realised no limbs were missing but there was quite a flow of blood oozing from her chin an a nice looking burn on her leg. Apart from that everything looked fine.

Crowds of Vietnamese gathered round to get an eyeful of the injured westener. In this crowd Gordon randomly appeared, “you alright like?”. He had gone the wrong way and then his bike had broken down.

After Dr Pack had applied a bandage we set off again on the remaining 35km in the dark. We rode in formation, jeremy leading with victoria second then Gordon who was using our headtorch to dimly light his way. We rode real slow and it took us another hour to make it to Mui Ne.

Once there it was clear that Victoria needed stitches. Jeremy still attempted to steri-strip her up but soon realised that her chin was hanging off and hospital was the way forward.

The hospital was down a dusty dirt track but was actually really nice, and spotless. A doctor came out to Victoria and asked, “you have accident?”.

We were walked straight into a private room, they took one look at the chin and preceeded to stitch her up. after a short photoshoot ‘for the blog’ Jeremy sat holding Victorias hand in the x-ray machine when the lead door shut, “I’m pretty sure your not meant to be in here” FLASH. Job done nothing broken and all fixed up for £10 (the bloody taxi there cost more!


We finally ate after having missed lunch and went to bed with Victoria feeling very sorry for herself but pretty happy with the xray of her face. profile picture me thinks.

  1. jeff (Reply) on Friday-1, 2010

    nomintation for best post!

  2. V & J (Reply) on Friday-1, 2010


  3. Hannah (Reply) on Sunday-3, 2010

    Oh dear victoria!! good story though! looking forward to see that xray!!

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