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Found the cheapest place to rent scooters from and amazingly they were all near new and the helmets were unpacked from their boxes. We hired 3 scooters and split the cost as they were still relatively expensive.

Drove to ‘Joma’ for an epic breakfast. Back to the guesthouse to collect our stuff and randomly the camp dude from the guesthouse who fancied a day out.

Victoria & Jeremy, Gordon & Isobel, Cameron & Duke (gay man) all set off. Was fun to drive something again, even if it was a scooter.

Arrived there to find Cameron a little worried by how Duke had slowly crept his hands down towards his crown jewels and said ‘very nice’. We were killing ourselves laughing. The girls already knew he was gay it was the three guys that had completey missed it.

We watched the bears come out and play in the reserve then we went up to play in the small waterfall. Gordon felt something bite him, Cameron felt something touch him and we all got out pretty sharpish.

Found Camerons boyfriend again and had a look at the big waterfall. Had some nice photos taken and hiked up the almost vertical path to the top of the waterfall. Waded through the water at the top to look out at the view, which actually was obscured by greenary. Hiked back down and out for some food.

At lunch Gordon struck again and fed his delightful food to the dogs before tucking in to V&J’s rejected ‘laughing cow’ cheese sandwhich. Everything came one at a time and took the best part of an hour. A quick look into the kitchen confirmed that the one chef was cooking with a baby on his back, so we let them off.

Scootered back home stopping at a village to explore. Largely they were just selling handicrafts, which was dissapointing. However the children in the village were hilarious. Wanting to have their photos taken, wear sunglasses, look up Victorias skirt, attack Cameron and point and laugh at themselves on film.

We drove back together watching Cameron having to reject pick up lines from Duke and be cuddled the whole way home. Priceless.

We went straight out for a massage and were lying in the basement of a restaurant getting oiled up and rubbed down by 5 girls (there were 5 of us). The guys in boxers in one room the girls naked in the other. The guys just got laughed at the whole time with a large langauge barrier being the cause while the girls saw way too much of eachother. Jeremy got the only toothless minger in Laos.

Pizza for dinner and onto the scooters to the most happening place in the City….. the bowling alley. Laos is great, the best the old capital city (more of a glorified village) has to offer after 11pm is bowling. We got stuck into some pretty serious bowling and some beers. Jeremy got beaten by everyone but Isobel (but it was close). The second game was slightly different, left hand bowling, speed bowling, slow bowling, throw the ball down the lane, bowl backwards, run as far as you can before bowling and throw the ball as high as possible bowling were some of the rounds that took place. The massive score of 48 won. Eventually we were being supervised by stern looking bowling alley representatives. At the end they actually asked if we would like another game! what do you have to do round here to get chucked out!? More beers and went home to watch a film. Nothing was on so we drank one more beer and crashed (still 5 in 3 beds).

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