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Jeremy woke early to the village nutter hammering an iron pole and Victoria weeping at around 6.30am. Horrendous bus journey, feeling sick, no dinner, rude tuktuk driver, barking dogs, crazy man hammering, no sleep and ‘that time of the month’ was all a VERY DEADLY COMBINATION. Victoria now fully resembled the devil and so Jeremy, for the good of everyone’s health left Victoria, to drown in her tears, in search of a quieter guest house. Moved to across the road where they offered the same price and much better facilities.

Went for a walk around town and some lunch with Anna and Adam. Lunch revealed that Adam and Jeremy not only own the same clothes but the same mannerisms and interests, apart from football. In other words he loves ‘mac’ and bounces his knee a lot (Jeremy thinks they are soul mates, bless him).

Organised tuktuk man for Angkor Wat tomorrow. Then more recovering and relaxing followed in preparation for dinner (both not feeling so hot so was nice to take it easy). Dinner was another ropey dish from a street stall. Went for a beer on the way back before bed, ready for the 4:30 am start.

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