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To Phnom Penh

Waited for bus to come and pick us up from our hotel to take us to another bus to take us to Phnom Penh.

The driver was a complete lunatic, apparently he didn’t care much for scooters and insisted on running them off the road. Much like Mr. Bean does with the three wheeler (this happened to be playing).

We stopped for a quick lunch and watched a Cambodian dude chow down on a whole lot of crispy cocroaches, yum!

Back on the bus the aircon broke and we all got off to sit under the shade of a tree AGAIN. 30 mins later we were back on the bus with the aircon still not working! But it was ok because we could open our windows……. NOT! Real hot in these rhinoes! The only air flow we got was from the conductor walking past.

1 hour later we were thoroughly cooked, dripping wet and in Phnom Penh. Sitting in the travel companies office we let our body temperature return to normal. Jeremy had now started to feel quite sick, not sure if it was from the heat or the lunch but an offer from a tuktuk man to take us around until we found our guesthouse seemed like a good idea.

Finally found one that was not too bad and checked in (with our tuktuk man taking $2 commission).

Went out to eat but we got 10 metres down the street when Jeremy caught sight of a man eating some pork and started to gag. Back to the room and laid in bed.

Victoria attempted to meet adam and anna at the restaurant as per our arrangemet. Her lack of orienteering skills let her down once again.

Still hungry she stopped and had a very nice expensive spag bol ($5) and facebooked adam to tell them she was lost. She returned to the hotel to a very poorly jeremy. Early night then.

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