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Wat Phu Champasak

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First attempt at getting breakfast was unsuccessful,
Victoria: ‘can I get a coca cola please’
Victoria: ‘erm coke? Coca cola?’
Victoria: ‘there really isn’t any other way of saying it. I thought it was the second most said word in the world? Coca cola?’
Victoria: ‘ok I’ll help myself. (gets up and goes to fridge) Oh they have pepsi here’
Lao lady: ‘pepsi pepsi pepsi’

Jeremy: ‘can I get this (pointing at chicken fried rice on the menu)
Shakes head
Jeremy; ‘ok with beef then? Or pork?’
Shakes head
Jeremy: ‘can I get this then?’ (pointing at another dish)
Shakes head
Jeremy: ‘this? This? This? Anything in this menu?’
Lao lady shakes head, laughs and walks away.

Second attempt in different restaurant included an omlette disguised as a plate of oil for jeremy and a plate of pig disguised as, well a plate of pig for victoria.

Checked into a guesthouse that didn’t smell like poop or have dodgy brown stains on the Walls and hired bikes to cycle to the Wat Phu 10km away.

Was a really nice ride, everyone was pleased to see us and said ‘Sabaidee’ ((hello) and not the Indian ‘hello come over here and give me a chance to rip you off’ but just the normal friendly ‘hi how’s it going’) impossible not to ride with a smile on your face.

The Wat looked very cool but we struggled to see how it was such a big attraction. Then we climbed up the steep very narrow steps to the top of the ruins. The view from the top was awesome. Everything else was flat, everywhere, apart from this hill we were standing on. You could look down upon the two lakes that had been dug next to the crumbling ruins and it was almost possible to imagine what it would have looked like a bajillion years ago.

Cycled back and had a beer. Realised that we only had 70,000 kip left for the evening (bank was closed) so rationed it out on two more beers and a curry each. We sat there watching the lizards, who were eating the huge swarm of mosquitoes, who in turn were eating us, who in turn were eating curry watching the lizards….. Aka we went home broke, full, eaten and lizarded out.

  1. Han (Reply) on Wednesday-16, 2009

    Hey guys. Looks amazing again. Me, mum and dad are mid way to france. stopped over in a really nice hotel for the night and now going to pick vicky up from Lyon airport on the way – even though she nearly didn’t make it as she went to stansted instead of gatwick where her flight actually went from! DOH!!!!
    Doesn’t look like there is much snow out there but i think we’re all looking forward to getting out there and stuffing our selves with the legendary christmas feasts!! We’re going to miss you but i have to say that you wouldn’t fit in the house this year as mum has invited some more guests…. including grandma, freddie, charlotte and chris…. and now julie is coming to!!!!!
    We are 13 in total and i have a feeling it’s going to be a little bit crazy, but in a good way.
    Where are you going to be for crimbo? mum wants to send you a christmas tree and some presents to put underneath it. plus santa is struggling with your sack!!!!!!
    Have you had your hair cut in some strange shop yet?! can’t understand how you haven’t gotten really hairy jeremy?
    missing you guys, keep looking after yourselves.
    BIG LOVE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. V & J (Reply) on Wednesday-16, 2009

    Lol Love your work Vicky, I’m pretty sure there are only a handful of people that could manage that and she is one of the lucky ones.

    Yeh definitely going to miss the Christmas day extravaganza, keep thinking about the smoke salmon, champagne, red wine and the dinosaur sized turkey that wont fit in the oven.

    It is very kind of mumma to want to send all of that stuff but we are both carrying around way to much stuff as it is so make sure she DOESN’T send anything! We are going to Mui Nee for Christmas (south east Vietnam) to do some more windsurfing. Should be nice because Joss, Anne, Antone and Alice will all be there.

    20 soon bung bung! Will be sure to ring you on your b-day some time so talk to you then.

    Smell you later.

    ps yeh I shaved my own head a while ago

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