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First day in Luang Prabangawang. One shower 5 people made a late start even later.

Gordon was determined to get scooters for the day and go and check out some of the waterfalls. Slightly scared for her life victoria delayed the scooter riding till tomorrow. In the end we got a tuktuk for quarter of the price up to the waterfall with a plan to get up early the next morning and hire scooters.

A small ‘long boat’ took us down the river where we paid an entrance fee. Seems they sneak money off you at every turn, but when it’s 20p it’s not really a biggy to us. Some elephants chained up and a small one pulling at his chain with his trunk was quite a disturbing sight. Although one had it’s gigantic penis out so was worth it.

The waterfall was a series of small ones in succession. We walked up and around all of them before getting into the clear icy cold water. Played around climbing up and down all the falls jumping off before hyperthermia set in and we had to all get out.

Had lunch, dried off and found our tuk tuk man for the return journey.

Back intown we hit the Luang Prabang night Market. By far the best one we have been to. Some really cool stuff there and bought some presents for people. Mindy, emily, the bump and hannah all have stuff coming for them.

We went and ate in a side alley off the Market where there were loads of BBQ’s on offer. Was really good and really cheap. A cat joined us at the table, sat on the seat and finished of the leftovers we offered him. The flip side was rather humbling when a homeless man came along and asked if he could take our leftovers to eat. Then proceeded to package up everything we left including the fish the cat had had a go at. (hope he survives what ever diseses the cat had)

Went for a drink in a bar on our way home and victoria recognized her course mate from Uni. 3 other people in the bar also came over to us with photo proof of a very drunk Cameron some stayed for a chat and the others just gave him their cocktails saying “here you go you mess head”. Good work.

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