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A Climb

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Hired a bicycle with a petrol engine and no peddles (sorry Shaz). Had to return it after 100yds as the steering was wonky. Replaced with a good one, roads were empty and the scenery was super cool.

Stopped at ‘Hospital Cave’ for a snoop around. The Vietnamese built a hospital in this cave (as the name might suggest). The entire contents are actually in a museum but the guide painted a good picture as to what it was like, even of he did make Victoria gag due to his horrendous halitosis.

Doctors quarters, patients room, nurses hang out, kitchen, swimming pool. Swimming pool? Yes, right next to the Cave Cinema. What the hell? Crazy people.

Next stop the national park. The climb was quite steep and slippery with some rusty ladders to help you get over difficult sections. Good job we got tetanus jabs.

At the top was an equally unsafe 20m watch tower. Victoria turned back at the first flight of rusty seethrough steps. Jeremy however made it to the top and the view was pretty good.

Coming down the mountain was much harder, slipping and sliding. Made it the whole way and 5 meters from the end Victoria almost stacked it.

Back at camp we chowed down on some more ropey food and saw Thomas again! Had some beers with him and got chatting to some Australians. All of us then took a stroll down the promenade to book a Junk to cruise around Lan Ha Bay.

After some faffing we found ourselves booked on an overnight boat for tomorrow with 2Americans, 1German, 1Swiss, 1Norweigen, 1Australian and us. Good times. All had some food and bought some supplies for tomorrow.

  1. Shaz (Reply) on Monday-1, 2010

    OK, you don’t impress me with your fake Burberry crash helment honeybunny. Hiring mopeds aside, I thought your photos were brill. xxxxx

    • V & J (Reply) on Monday-1, 2010

      Thanks Mum, the chavtastic helmet was pretty cool though. It’s our last day in Vietnam today so if you want anything now’s the time to say (no silk pillowcases otherwise Jeremy will kill himself).

      Hope you and father ted are good, will call you later, hopefully will be rebellious today and stay up late so will catch dad when he is home from work.

      Cuddles to Claudia
      7 months to go!

  2. Jeff (Reply) on Tuesday-2, 2010

    lol@ 7 months to go hhahahahahahahaha

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