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A Day of Dalat

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Had some breakfast (victoria overly excited about the accessability of strawberries in dalat!) and walked off in search of the ‘Crazy House’. Victoria was navigating so it did take slightly longer than anticipated but we did eventually get there (after a small miracle and a slightly bigger debate). The old ‘i came last at orienteering so why did you trust me with the map’ scenario.

Crazy House was, as advertised, pretty crazy. It did have the feel of a dilapidated childrens play area in a run down pikey British pub. Not sure why you would want to stay there overnight? Still it was good fun to explore, J enjoying the ‘pikey playarea’ vibe more than V!

Next we marched off to get a cable car and a slide. However we could find noone who had even heard of the slide and it was all a little strange. The whole shabang was set up as if they were expecting alot of people, that clearly never turn up. Like a ghost town, but for strange functions. We went upstairs to a massive restaurant with posh White tablecloths but offered no food. Forced to have crisps for lunch (when we could find someone to serve us!).

The cable car provoked distant memories of the alps and by the time we reached the bottom our bodies were ready to go skiing. After Jeremy had explained to his muscles that there was no snow a small tantrum followed. But we still managed to enjoy walking around the meditation centre. Particularly when Victoria came over all spiritual. She walked into a temple and watched a Vietnamese girl take an incense stick from the monk and stand in front of the buddha. The monk offered Victoria a stick and she thought ‘right i’l just copy what this girl does, looks easy enough’. That was untill this Vietnamese girl starting swaying backwards and forwards humming whilst the monk played his gong (no pun intended). She then knelt on the floor and repeated the whole process leaving Victoria still standing, slightly in shock at the sudden change in ambience, clutching her incense stick trying not to laugh in the monks face (particularly hard when she could hear Jeremy crying with laughter outside). After a quick giggle and a 1000vnd later we walked down to the lake before putting our bodies through the “ski preparing machine” again.

Jeremys blisters were back with avengence (forced to wear his boots as lost all other shoes) so we ditched walking the 5k back and got a taxi to the flower gardens. There were lots of flowers, surprisingly, but the most entertaining part was when we somehow managed to walk from ‘backstage’ of a dance show into and infront of a huge audience, before being pestered by some Vietnamese lads who were desperate to have their photo taken with Victoria, possibly because she was wearing her horrendous knitted skirt thing plus the Ginger hair, pale skin combo. But then they hit the jackpot when they saw Jeremy. Not sure if it was because he was wearing boots and socks with shorts, his crazy paedo glasses or his ‘ United States Army Vietnam – Charlie Don’t Surf’ T-shirt.

Now slightly selfcontious we walked up to the golf club to have a nosey round.

Walked back on some very weary legs (must have walked around 20k today) to get an early dinner. Had a kick ass Vietnamese hot pot that smelt like any distinguishable vietnamese dish (fishy fanny) and snuggled down in bed. Caught Erkin on skype, he plans to write 2 dissertations in 2 months!!!!! Some one help the dude out.

  1. Jeff (Reply) on Wednesday-6, 2010

    yeh, will be difficult, might have to copy paste alot of rubbish from one to the other!

    you should also download and watch russel peters. hes a canadian indian stand up comedian that bases his show entirely on taking the piss out of asians, that includes vietnamese and their dong!

    ps this is how you spell A vengeAnce

  2. V & J (Reply) on Wednesday-6, 2010

    This is how you spell TWO DISSERTATIONS

  3. Jeff (Reply) on Thursday-7, 2010

    get a job you bum

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